Precision right from the start ...

Information for Training

Industrial mechanic specializing in mechanical and systems engineering

Key data

  • Training: 3 ½ years
  • Given certain qualifications training can be reduced to 3 years
  • 30 days holidays per year
  • capital-forming services (40,- Euro, or if desired 55,- Euro) are paid into a pension fund.
  • Working hours: 40 hours per week, from 7am to 4pm, daily
  • Work clothes are provided, for a small fee they are cleaned by an external company

Vocational Training School in Roding

1 day per week; an additional day biweekly during the first and second year of training, afterwards 1 day per week


In written form, including the usual documents, by the end of November.

Secondary school certificate

Personal qualifications
Good manual skills, technical understanding, and a talent for precision work. CNC technology plays a major role in our trade. Since the CNC machines are programmed using different artificial languages, good PC skills are essential.


Course of Training:

1. First training year

Filing, drilling, thread cutting, testing, measuring,
Line marking, punch marking, labeling
Machine maintenance
Sawing, including materials science
Occuptational safety and environmental protection

2. Second training year

Working with machines: Drilling, lathing, and milling with conventional machines
Planning and preparation of work processes on the basis of technical drawings
Surface grinding
Soldering and heat treatment
Work at the grinding machine

3. Third training year

Programming of CNC machines
Processing workpieces at CNC machines
Assembly and disassembly of machines, systems, or their components
Testing and adjusting of functions
Assembly and testing of hydraulic and pneumatic controls

Lehrlinge PuS-020
Michael Söllner, 3rd place in a national applied practices competition.
Mathias Hecht, best exam candidate in industrial mechanics in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria.