Precision right from the start ...

Vocational Training

Industrial mechanic spezializing in mechanical and systems engineering (IHK)

Precision Machinist Specialising in Turning and Milling (IHK)

Our training measures are a synthesis of handicraft and high-tech. Our employees are skilled craftsmen and specialists for highly sophisticated manufacturing machines. The job profile for an industrial mechanic specializing in mechanical and systems engineering combines the skills of a trained craftsman with modern technology.

After a brief basic training period of only 2-3 months, our trainees are integrated into the daily work process. From the beginning, we encourage our trainees to work independently. The job requires good manual skills, technical understanding, and a talent for precision work as well as a solid basic education. P&S employs three new trainees each year.

We are proud of the success of our training measures. The first trainee started working for P&S on September 1st 1998. Today, more than 50 per cent of our skilled workers come from our own training program. Due to the dynamic development of our company, the professional opportunities and prospects for these young people are various and very promising.

Lehrlinge PuS-020
Michael Söllner, 3rd place in a national applied practices competition.
Mathias Hecht, best exam candidate in industrial mechanics in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria.