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Just as you want

As always, producing components to customer requirements is our focus. Our enormous vertical range means that we are able to fulfill our customers' needs.ISO 9001Qu D P S sw
A production-accompanying barcode system documents all work steps and order times. This system is part of our complete operational data collection. It guarantees process security and 100% traceability of your products.

CNC milling

Challenge us

Give us a problem! Challenge us with milled parts on the limits of the technically feasible. For example, extremely thin walls, lightweight design with high rigidity, exceptional precision - these are tasks that we are excited about. Our equipment is guaranteed to cope with almost all production tasks. We work on high-quality machines from well-known manufacturers with first-class tools. That determines our quality - from the first to the last part.

CNC turning

Powerful and efficient

Power and efficiency - that’s how our “Turning” department equipment can be described. The machine selection is particulary important for economic production in turning technology. We are well equipped for every quantity and every difficulty.

Our Weiler cycle turning machines produce the required individual parts. The Gildemeister turning-milling centre are used for milling complex turned parts. For mid-range series, the Emco Hyperturn 45 is also available.

CNC grinding


The precision is in the detail

We grind your high-precision parts, outside and inside, in one clamping in an air-conditioned environment.
The modern CNC control allows fast programming, which is especially important for single parts. Repeated parts are then no longer a problem. The workpiece zero point is determined with a programmable button.

When machnining a large number of components, cylindrical grinding is not the optimal method. That’s why we offer an alternative, with the fully automatic honing machine from Sunnen.

Material storage

Pole position

Our sophisticated material warehouse is the foundation of our flexibility. We store all common materials. This means that almost every job can be started immediately. 

We are material and surface specialists.
If you have questions about the choice of material combined with the right surface, we are always happy to offer comprehensive and competent support.

Economy starts with sawing. With our fully automatic band saw, we can take on sawing tasks up to Ø 410 mm.

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