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HMT-SF micro

Carbide separating machine - “Micro parts"


Carbide separating machine - “automatic”


Carbide separating machine - “flexible”


Carbide separating machine - “standard”


Carbide separating machine -

“excess length”



Chamfering machine


Chamfering machine



Step loader

Use our technology to strengthen your products

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Separation is simple. HOW it’s done is the decisive factor. Speed, process reliability, precision, optics, longevity, added value, user-friendliness, simple, clear, uncomplicated - that’s what you get in out machines - and not just for separation.


You have the choice

Visit our newly designed presentation room. Take a look at our product line in an air-conditioned environment. Using cutting and grinding tests, we will find you the machine for your application.

The room is also available for tests and machine training.

Look into the assembly

Efficient and individual

The balancing act between rational serial assembly and individual building challenges us in special ways. The newly built assembly hall meets all the requirements of a modern process flow. The spatial proximity to project management, construction and service holistically optimises this process. 

Planning and storage


The availability of your machine is important to us

The central point in the production of our machines is the PPS controlled storage system. Inventory-led, it makes order suggestions, announces when assemblies are ready to install and outsources all components that are needed at the push of a button.

Almost all components are in stock. This ensures a high spare parts availability.

Well trained

Create competence through education

The modern, dynamic concept of education focuses on the lifelong development process of people. Continuing education at work makes a decisive contribution to the individual’s personal education. We train our colleagues internally. For our customers, we train people who look after machinery and equipment in house.


Your personal contact

Personal advice is very important to us. In an open, constructive discussion, we find out, which equipment makes sense for your machine. The modular design allows for individual specifications and optimization of price and performance.

Max Stahl Management

Phone: +49 9971 3927-0

Alfred Wagner Account Manager

Phone: +49 9971 3927-202

Daniel Deschinger Account Manager

Phone: +49 9971 3927-203

Customer service Carbide separating machine

Phone: +49 9971 3927-260